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Six Steps to Success

Step One: Admission
How do I get admitted to LBCC?
Complete an LBCC application for admission and return it to the Admissions and Records Office.
New and Returning Students
Can I attend LBCC?
You may attend LBCC if:
You are 18 years of age or older; OR You have graduated from high school, GED, or high school equivalency certificate; OR You are under 18 years of age and have not graduated from high school but have permission from your high school principal and your parents.

Do I need a high school diploma to attend?
You do not need a high school diploma, GED, or high school equivalency certificate to attend LBCC; however, some programs, such as nursing, require such a document.

Do I need to be a California resident to attend?
You do not have to be a permanent California resident to attend LBCC; however, non-residents do pay considerably more per-unit fees than residents. Apply for the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption (AB540).

What if I am an international student?
Long Beach City College has a long history of providing excellent educational opportunities for international students. Recently, the effort to attract international students has been renewed. Students from countries outside the United States who are interested in attending LBCC should contact the International Student Office at the Liberal Arts Campus, LBCC, in Building "E" lower concourse, or by phone at (562) 938-4745 or website. If you are an international student interested in attending Long Beach City College, there are special admissions requirements which must be followed. Request high school and prior college records (transcripts) to be sent to LBCC.

LAC: A142 (562) 938-4136, LAC: A-1070 (562) 938-4485
Step Two: Assessment
How do I know if I will be successful in courses I take?
The Assessment includes Reading, Writing and Math tests. Sign up for the Assessment Test online at or by calling (562) 938-4670 (Liberal Arts Campus) or (562) 938-3920 (Pacific Coast Campus).
Step Three: Orientation
Complete the Orientation Workshop after your Assessment Test. At the Orientation Workshop you will receive: A free LBCC Planner; Information about programs and services available to you at LBCC; Assessment placement results, and 1st semester course recommendations. You are encouraged to enroll in a course which is a more extensive "Orientation For College Success" (Counseling 1). You may also complete the Online Orientation at
Step Four: Counseling
Make an appointment to see a counselor.
By phone: Liberal Arts Campus at (562) 938-4561/4560 and Pacific Coast Campus at (562) 938-3920. In person: Counseling Office - LAC A163; PCC GG100.

Buy a schedule of classes through the bookstores at LAC or PCC, or at any Seven-Eleven Store in Long Beach or Lakewood. The Schedule of Classes is also available via the LBCC Web site.

Bring your assessment test scores and recommendations so you can discuss your goals with the counselor, develop an educational plan, and receive referrals to other services.

An LBCC counselor will use your records from your high school, past college work, and your Assessment placement recommendations with your declared educational goals to help you develop an educational plan. If you are unable to meet with a counselor prior to registration and you are seeking a degree or planning to transfer from LBCC to a California State University or University of California campus, you may wish to follow the ABC Plan until you have the opportunity to meet with a counselor.

Sending transcripts of your high school and past college work to the Admissions and Records Office, taking the Assessment Test, and making an appointment with a counselor are important steps in choosing the right classes to reach your goals.

Guides for various LBCC certificates, associate degrees and transfer programs are available in Counseling at the Liberal Arts and Pacific Coast Campuses and online.

Student services such as the Career & Job Services Center and Student Success/Transfer Services Center can further assist you in clarifying your educational and career goals. Through individualized counseling sessions you will have an opportunity to explore choices and make informed decisions about which courses to take at LBCC.
Step Five: Financial Aid
Complete the Board of Governors' Fee Waiver Application available in the schedule of classes or through the Financial Aid Office at both LAC and PCC Financial Aid Offices. Apply online for Financial Aid at

LAC: A105 (562) 938-4257, PCC: AA122 (562) 938-3955
Step Six: Registration
With the educational plan you developed with your counselor, use your schedule of classes to put together a list of the courses you will be taking. Be careful not to list courses with times which overlap one another. Be careful to list the class number exactly as it is in the schedule. Telephone and online registration will be available to students who have completed the Admissions, Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling process prior to priority registration appointments. If you have any questions or you need your LBCC Student ID Number, password or registration appointment call (562) 938-4885. Click here to register for classes online.